How to Add Any Music or Sound on Instagram Reels

October 21, 2020

Let me guess, you don’t have music on your Instagram reels app and you’ve already tried some of the common fixes like switching your type of account or hitting where the music button should be… and it’s still not working. I’m so excited to share one way to have any music or sound on your Instagram Reels, no matter what! 

How to Add Any Music or Sound on Instagram Reels

To get music for Instagram Reels, you’ll need to have Tik Tok + Instagram Reels on your account (even if you don’t have the music option). Even if you don’t use Tik Tok to actually post or share videos, you can still use it to just grab the sounds you need! 

Create the reel within Tik Tok

 I know, I know – you’re probably thinking…. Another social media platform?! But trust me, being able to make videos with the popular sounds and songs is SO worth it!  So… Go ahead and make your video. If you need some ideas, I’ve got you covered. Once you’re done filming, in the bottom left hand corner – you can look for sounds. After you’ve found (and added!) what you’re looking for, it’s time to publish! 

Screen Record your Tik Tok

Once you have your Tik Tok video created,hit “next” then look for the preview of your video. At this point, your video will come up with NO watermarks, username, anything. Now it’s time to screen record! Use the green record option in your settings on your iPhone. A quick reminder: make sure the mic option is turned ON. To do this, pull down the upper right hand side then hold the screen record button until the mic button appears. Then it’s time to start recording! Let your video preview play (you need to stay quiet!) with sound. 

Upload to Reels

Head on over to Reels on Instagram and you can select the video that you recorded to upload to Reels. If you need more tips on how to upload your Reels, check out my post about that here! As a side note, I haven’t seen my Reels do better or worse based on whether or not it’s original audio or music within reels… it’s the content that matters most! 

Even if you have music within Instagram Reels, I find that this screen recording option can be a lot easier! No matter what you decide, have some fun with these Reels. They’re a GREAT way to grow and share your account and content with others! 

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