How to Create an Email List Opt-in in Showit With Flodesk

October 19, 2020

Do you want to build your email list? One of the BEST ways to do this is to create an email list opt-in, and I’m going to show you how it’s done. Flodesk is an INCREDIBLE email marketing program I switched over to recently and I am hooked! Grab Flodesk for 50% off and let’s get started! We’re going to be walking through how I made the opt in for my Instagram Reels Covers. 

How to Create an Email List Opt-in in Showit With Flodesk

An email list opt-in basically means that when someone joins your list, they’re receiving something from you. For me, that means they download a FREE template for Instagram Reels Covers. The first step for us is to create the actual form where people sign up to join the list and get their product from you. When you go into Flodesk, go to the “forms” section. In Forms, you want to create a new form for your product. I’m using an inline form. This means it won’t be a pop up – it lives on my site! That’s how I do all of my forms. 

Create a Segment

Here, you’ll create your segment for your freebie. This means anyone who downloads the product will be placed in this part of your email list. Now, it’s time to customize the form. Add your header and then change what information you’re collecting from the individuals. 

The next section that pops up is all about double opt-in. This basically means the individual has to confirm they wanted to sign up for your list. I think this is SO important! It’s really the best way to be sure everyone on your list is real and knows what they’re signing up for! The next section you want to adjust is where people go once they’re done signing up. I usually send them to another URL – my blog, my shop, or somewhere on my website. I want them to see more of my content or more about me! 

Add Your Opt-In to Your Website

Now, it’s time to add the code to your website! I’m using ShowIt as an example. Whatever platform you use, you want to go to your pages HTML section. It sounds fancy but it’s not scary at all! For ShowIt, it’s on the right under “Custom Head HTML”. Once that’s done, copy the inline code. Then you can paste that onto your page! At this point, once you hit publish – people can sign up! But, we still have work to do…. 

Remember how we added them to a segment when we created the form? We have to create a workflow that starts when people are added to the segment. At this point, we need to create an email that will deliver the freebie to anyone who signs up. Create a new workflow to get started! For the trigger, choose “when added to segment”. Then we need to make the email that will actually deliver the freebie after the trigger. The most important part is that you have the file you’re delivering. You can either add the actual file or upload to your blog and have a link there! When you’re done, be sure you click “publish” so that everything is ready to go! 

Creating an email list opt-in has been one of the best ways for me to grow my email list. I create freebies and people opt in for a valuable gift from me – and then they’re added to my email list. There, they receive weekly emails with me full of information that helps them out every day in their business! If you’re ready to get started, make sure you sign up for Flodesk and get your email list going! 

And, PS. If you want the Instagram Reels Covers, grab them here!

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