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5 Instagram Reels Ideas

October 12, 2020

Are you ready to make your first Instagram Reel but not sure where to start? Do you have NO idea what to create for Instagram Reels? Well, this post and today’s video are going to give you FIVE solid ideas of what kinds of Reels to make. These are Instagram Reels ideas I pull from all the time when deciding what types of Reels to create so I hope you find them helpful too!

5 Instagram Reels Ideas for Small Business Owners shared by online educator Stephanie Kase

Give Value

The first idea I go towards is creating posts with value for my ideal clients. It’s the same kind of thing you want to do when you write captions for social media… but now, it’s in an Instagram Reel. Create a fast (15-30 second) video to deliver your tips for the people watching. For me, that usually looks like “3 Tips for…” or “5 Ways to…” type Reels! You want your Reels to attract your ideal client to your account and then they begin to fall in love with your content – and you. And, eventually they wind up buying from you! On my own account, this looked like my Tips to Get More Instagram Likes. I shared about something business owners who follow me would find value in! Remember, you can break down BIG topics into lots of Reels – which will help you out! 

Behind the Scenes 

No matter what kind of business you run, show UP and show people what life looks behind the scenes. Honestly, people LOVE to see the process of running a business. If you work from home, share about that. Filming a course? Share that process! Everyone wants to see how your hard work and process comes to life. Doing this super quickly in a reel is a great way to give a sneak peek behind your work life. 

Follow a Trend

At this point, it’s October 2020. Right now, there’s not really a way to see the trends yet for Instagram Reels (like Tik Tok). However, you can bring trends from Tik Tok and use them on Instagram Reels! Honestly, you’ll probably be one of the first people to bring it over from Tik Tok. So, take a look and see what you want to use and are able to implement (and don’t forget to add your own spin on it!). I used a fun trend about what and who people think they’re hiring – and who they’re actually hiring! PS. I’d recommend putting it on Tik Tok AND Instagram Reels! Save yourself some work. 

Show People How to Do Something

For example, I’m a photographer and my posing Reels have done SUPER well. Not only have I been showing people how to pose couples but also how to pose themselves as a business owner. Think about your area of expertise and how you can help people with whatever you’re good at! People love VALUABLE content!! 

Share a Story

Whether it’s about you or your clients, share them through Reels. I recently shot a wedding during COVID-19 and I shared about their story of wedding planning. It’s such a fun way to share a little bit about who you are or who your clients are. You could share why you started your business, how you started your business, or something like that. Don’t forget your own love story, transformation stories, or other personal ideas! 

I’ve got one EXTRA idea if you watch the video above… trust me, you’ll want to check this one out! It’s a great way to use Instagram Reels to connect with your audience! And don’t forget, I have a FREE Instagram Reels cover you can grab HERE. It’s a great way to help your Reels look ON BRAND!!

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