Empty Apartment Tour + Moving VLOG

January 25, 2021

We’re moving! It’s official: we’ve moved out of our Downtown Columbus apartment and into a new apartment in the suburbs of Columbus. No house for us yet, but we’re SO excited about this move. We’re looking forward to getting out of the city and moving into something more spacious. During the move, we created a behind the scenes VLOG about our move, painting the apartment, a new tour, and the moving experience with Ember! 

Behind the scenes of our move to the suburbs of Columbus and an empty apartment tour of the new space


Did you buy a house?

No, not yet! We won’t be buying one for another few years! 

Is it another apartment? 

It sure is! It’s got 2 bedrooms now and an attached garage, which we’re really excited about. They call it an apartment flat – because you enter on a lower level but the living space is all on one floor up the steps.

Which paint did you use?

The apartment was a really dark beige so we painted everything in the apartment white! We used a color from Behr

When we first walked into our new home, I felt an immediate, overwhelming sense of PEACE. From the outside looking in, our new place is nothing fancy and our last place was certainly much “sleeker” and fancier… most people would say it’s a “downgrade”… ⠀But this new place is EXACTLY what I need in this season: A place to create new rhythms and routines filled with rest and peace, and amazing growth that will happen as a result. I’m so excited to share more with you as we settle into this space!

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