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5 Fresh Reels Trends Ideas for Small Business Owners

October 27, 2021

Today, we’re talking about 5 fresh Instagram Reels ideas to help you share about your small business and grow your brand using Reels. If you have no idea what to post and need a little inspiration, this post is going to break down 5 easy ideas you can use. I hope that you find them helpful and you can use them to develop your brand and business online! PS. If you still want even more ideas, you can download my FREE 10 Instagram Reels ideas here! But for now, onto 5 fresh Reels trends ideas for small business owners! 

5 Fresh Reels Trends Ideas for Small Business Owners

Give a quick tip for your ideal client!

This can be done in a lot of ways but it’s super impactful. If you’re speaking directly to your ideal client in your audience, then that’s how you’re going to attract and grow your online presence. Pretty much a win-win all the way around! Currently, there’s a trend all about “questions I get asked”. So, take some questions your ideal clients might be asking themselves, asking you, or misconceptions that they might believe. Now, you’re able to speak directly to your ideal clients. Another option is to just talk face-to-camera. Remember, to keep it fast and short! That’s what Reels are all about. Try to just do one quick tip or hack they can do… not a full A to Z plan.

Share something relatable with your ideal client! 

I know that in both tips I’ve mentioned your ideal client, but it really is important to create Reels that will attract the right people. A few examples of this might be the “I was busy thinking about” trend or “It’s gonna be forever”. I used both of these trending sounds to talk about what my students might think about creating Reels. This makes sense since I teach about this and just launched my mini course! I want to reach the people who need help creating Reels. 

Share a transformation or before and after! 

Consider sharing a process, transformation or before and after. Think about how that might apply to who you are and what you do for your clients. Reels work REALLY well to show these changes and transformations. Not to mention, people love the “wow” factor. Sit down and think about what you do and what you offer to show how you provide value with those ideal clients.

Bonus Tip! When you’re creating Instagram Reels, no matter the trend or topic, try to use transitions because it makes them even more engaging! Whether you change outfits, spin around, or try a neat trick – it can hold a viewer’s attention even longer. 

Inspire your audience!

This is an idea that I didn’t really tap into until the summer. It was about then that I really began to make more “inspirational” Reels and I’ve been floored by the reactions to these Instagram Reels! A little caveat here – as we’ve said a bunch of times already, make sure these make sense for your account and your audience. It sounds obvious, but it’s super important to remember! If you aren’t making something that fits in with your brand, those viewers won’t convert to followers (and eventually buyers). One of my favorite inspirational trends was this simple one! You could also do lip sync Reels that have motivational lines or quotes, which is super fun. Social media is about building these connections and I think these Reels do a good job of that! 

Share something about yourself personally!

When I say this, remember: you don’t have to share everything about yourself online (read my tips here for building a personal brand). But choose what you feel comfortable with and use that to connect with your followers. If you can build a personal brand, you’ll have a better chance of pivoting in your business because people follow and connect with you – not just what you offer. A personal branding Reel trend I loved was the sound from Enchanted. It was really about saying “no” to something that didn’t serve you. I took the sound and used it to talk about getting married young. What wound up happening was that my followers began to share their own love stories and it became a super impactful connecting point. 

I hope these ideas help you come up with some new content for your own Instagram account! If you haven’t heard, my Instagram Reels Mini Course is now LIVE! This course is a start to finish about how to create, use, brainstorm, and analyze Instagram Reels. I want it to be a place where you can learn how to impact your brand and audience through Reels! Come join us today!!

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