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Best 2021 Instagram Apps

February 3, 2021

Are you a small business owner or content creator trying to figure out the best apps to create content for your Instagram account? Creating beautiful cohesive content is easy when you know which tools to use. I’m so excited to share some of the best apps for Instagram for influencers and content creators! These apps always help me create and plan content quickly when I’m on the go! 


Best apps for Instagram Influencers and Content Creators


Snapseed is a great app for content creation. It has a bunch of features, but my favorite feature by far is the expand feature. Basically, you can take a photo and expand a part of it. This is great for images that have a solid background so that you can extend it or make the background larger. The app is completely free! I have a free account and use this feature ALL the time! 


My second favorite app of all time is Later! If you’ve seen my blogs or videos before, you know that I seriously love this app. It’s the best app (in my opinion) for scheduling Instagram posts. I’ve tried other apps but this one feels the most intuitive. One of my favorite parts is that you can plan posts on different days and then actually drag and drop the grid so you can plan out how the feed actually looks. It’s AMAZING. Not to mention, I can upload images so I always have images ready to go. Make sure you check out my tutorial and grab 10 free posts today! 

Lightroom App

The next app I love is the Lightroom app! This is how I edit all of my iPhone photos. I use my mobile presets to edit my photos quickly (and I have a waitlist for my mobile presets so when they launch, you’ll know!). The presets make editing super quick, but the app basically has almost everything the full version on your computer has! 


Another app I use all the time is Canva! I use it for a few things: Instagram Reels covers and Instagram Stories. I have templates for both I can access on my phone and computer and I can easily edit the templates on my phone, which is amazing. They allow you to upload your brand colors and fonts, plus they have tons of stock images too! 


This app is more specific for videos… but I still love it! VSCO recently released the option to edit color grade in video which allows you to edit on the go! I love that I can quickly edit something and share it in my Instagram Stories.


Once I use VSCO to edit the color grading, I use Inshot to edit my videos on the go. I especially use it for Instagram Reels. Inshot (on the paid version) allows you to create videos with no watermarks! I find this app to be super friendly and it has a lot of features. This app will definitely help you with making transitions in videos and editing clips together.


Finally, I’d love to share Unfold with you! This is a free app (with paid upgrades) that allows you to share multiple images at once on your stories or feed. There’s great options for collages and you can easily add your own images to make slides to share. Unfold has a bunch of great templates and layouts, which makes for easy work! 


Creating content for Instagram is easy with the right tools! I hope this list of the best apps for Instagram helps you up your planning and creation game and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 

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