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Instagram Reels Q&A (Your 15 Biggest Questions!)

January 13, 2021

If you’re wondering my biggest tips for engagement on reels, how I’m making reels, how hashtags work on Reels… really anything about them, this post is for you! If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I recently asked about YOUR biggest questions about Instagram Reels. We’re going to break down some of your top questions today – make sure you tune into the video for all 15 questions in this Instagram Reels Q&A! But for now, let’s jump in! 

Instagram Reels Q&A with 15 questions from YOU about Instagram Reels and how to create, use, and make money with Reels shared by educator Stephanie Kase

“Which Reels have you found to be more effective? Personal? Wedding? Business tips?”

I’ve found for me, behind the scenes have done really well. Anytime I’m showing a process, a tip, or before and afters, the Reels do well. I do a lot of tips for photographers – and the behind the scenes of the me shooting always performs well, too! I like to do a lot of those tips and then have some personal Reels mixed in so that once someone starts to follow me, they get a feeling for who I am and my personal brand! But, most of my Reels ARE more educational.

“How do you make them longer than 15 seconds?”

Super easy! When you open up the app to work on your Reel, choose the first button at the very top and it will change to 30 seconds. If you upload a video longer than 15 seconds, it will automatically adjust. 

“Do hashtags work the same as on a post?” 

So, this is a HARD question because we don’t (as of now, Jan 2021), have a way to see analytics or insights for Reels. A lot of this is my own experience or observation. But, from what I can see, when you go to a hashtag you can view other Reels there. So I think it’s good to use – but it’s not like traditional grid posts where you can see and search them as easily. This could change though! 

“How often are you posting them and why that frequency?”

For the most part, I’ve done one a day – maybe two a day. When Reels first came out, I was cranking them out and doing at least 2 a day. Because it was a new feature, I wanted to get my content out quickly so I could benefit from the initial wave of them. But, now I’m down to about once a day and sometimes every other day. I will say, being consistent is key so that Instagram recognizes what you’re doing and helps you out!

“How do you get started? I want to do them so badly but I’m intimidated!”

I TOTALLY get this!! When I first started video marketing with YouTube over two years, I was horrified and so scared. But, I’ll say: it gets easier the more that you do it and practice, practice, practice! As you get them out there and people fall in love with them, which they will!, you’ll want to do them more, too. If you need some ideas, check out some of the inspiration I have for you HERE! And remember, scroll Instagram Reels or Tik Tok and find some ideas. The best part about these Reels is being able to jump on the trends circulating the app. It’s a huge part of the experience, so pick a few out and try them! 

“Besides more followers, what other growth have you seen from posting Reels?”

This is a great question! I’ve shared a lot about how my Reels have allowed me to double my followers on Instagram in about 3 months, which is insane. I will say some other growth has been more sales in my shop (like making an extra $500 after sharing about my presets!) which has been great, but there’s so much more happening. And I think my audience is seeing more of my personality now. Although I have a strong personal brand, seeing me on video brings more of my personality across, which is amazing! Finally, I’ve converted a lot of my followers to my email list, and then eventually, that becomes sales too! 

Instagram Reels are FUN and should be something you enjoy. They truly can be a great way to market your business and share your knowledge with your clients, audience, and new people too. I love being able to share these tips and tricks with you – so make sure you watch the whole video about Instagram Reels Q&A to hear the other questions that I was asked. There’s some really good ones in there! And, if you still need help with your Instagram Covers, grab my free template!

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