Proposal | Joey & Kristie

January 27, 2020

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I am SO excited to share all of these photos with you today! Proposals are literally one of my FAVORITE things ever, and it always makes me so excited to be a part of them!! Joey proposed to Kristie this past Friday at Franklin Park Conservatory and it was a dream. After the proposal, Joey surprised Kristie a couple hours later with an engagement party at Juniper.

A few weeks before the proposal, Joey and I met to go over the plan at Franklin Park, and it was SO sweet to see how much thought he put into everything! His plan was to hang pictures along the railing, then propose at the very end of the photos with the waterfall behind them. His plan worked out PERFECTLY. Kristie was totally shocked and had no idea!! Joey even had a table arranged to be set up with some drinks to celebrate being newly engaged. After he asked her the question (and of course, she said yes!) he walked her over and they took in the fact that they were now ENGAGED!!

After the proposal at Franklin Park, we left and acted like the evening was over… but Joey had another surprise up his sleeve!! A couple of hours later, they went to Juniper and Kristie was TOTALLY shocked to see all of her friends there! These two are so well loved by so many. So many of their friends came from hours away just to celebrate their engagement!

Joey and Kristie, I seriously could not be more excited for you! CONGRATS once again, and I’m SO excited to see wedding planning unfold for you two!

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