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How to Work With Videographers as a Team at Weddings

April 1, 2020

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I’m SO excited to shred this video with you all today! Luke from ALC Productions joined me to chat all things working with a VIDEOGRAPHER, and how to do this well as a team!

I know as photographers, sometimes working with videographers can give us a little anxiety because of bad experiences in the past. Am I right?! However, it does NOT have to be this way and a huge way to overcome this is with a lot of communication and the mindset of being on a team.

Luke shares with us ways we can make working with a videographer an AMAZING experience and really becoming a team instead of showing up and always getting in each other’s way. I’m super excited for you all to tune in:

What was your biggest takeaway?! Share with me below! Working with videographers doesn’t have to be stressful, and can actually help you shoot your weddings EVEN BETTER when going in with the right mindset. I am so grateful for Luke and videographers like him who have this amazing mindset as well! 

Want to listen to what I have to say to videographers about working with a photographer? Click on over here to watch the video on Luke’s channel!

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