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Photo Backdrops for Branding Headshots

August 28, 2020

Recently when I shared my new branding photography headshots, I had SO many of you asking where I got my photo backdrops! I want to share with you all where I got the photo backdrops and the stand that I use to set it up.

Photo Backdrops for Branding Headshots at Home

Both of my seamless paper backdrops are from Savage! I got it in two different colors: One in coral, and one in bone. You could use whatever colors fit your brand, but I love these two!! I recommend buying them from Amazon because the shipping times are the cheapest and fastest there!

Here are some recent headshots I used these in! I’m excited to continue using these for headshots as well as for my branding photography clients. They’re amazing because all you need is good light to set it up and use it… doesn’t matter where you are! I’ve even set it up in our tiny apartment to grab some headshots! I can’t wait to see the headshots you come up with using some of these simple paper backdrops! I’m always about simple and easy ways to create images that reflect your personal brand. Have some fun with these setups!! 

overhead shot of business owner with laptop tips for branding headshots at home with seamless paper pink seamless Photo Backdrops for headshots tips for seamless paper Photo Backdrops for headshots


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