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How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas for Marketing

September 30, 2020

Are you a small business owner feeling stuck with content ideas? I mean, there is SO much to create, from Instagram captions to blog posts to videos to freebies… but maybe you’re feeling stuck on WHAT to write about and create. I got you. Today I’m going to share THREE Tips on how to never run out of content ideas for your small business! Whether you’re a small business owner, YouTube creator, or blogger, these tips will help you ensure you always have something to talk about on your platforms. 

How to Never Run Out of CONTENT IDEAS for Marketing

Listen to your audience. 

If you already have an audience, USE them! Find out what they want to hear about. Pay attention to the questions you’re asked regularly. See what they’re commenting or wanting to know about you, what you do, and your business. Whether it’s in your email, IG messages, comments or other spots they communicate with you – pay attention to what’s being asked.

If you don’t have an audience, share topics that you find to be meaningful or you’re passionate about. You never know what will resonate until you begin to share. As you share content, watch the questions and conversations that evolve from your content for future use. You can totally look at older content and see what’s resonating, too to use moving forward.

Think about who you want to serve! 

In other words, think about your ideal client. How will whatever you do serve THEM? This will help you generate ideas around their pain points and how you can come in and help them with what they’re struggling with! Again, think about the topics that come up a lot with the people you already work with. These are easy to write pieces of content! You can talk about why they want to use your services, what stage of business they’re into and where they should be to work with you, or something similar! Remember, this is about more than just SELLING. You want to share how you can also be useful for your clients – even if it doesn’t directly relate to your business! All of this helps you establish your expertise in your field!! 

Split topics into multiple posts.

Nothing says you have to put everything you have to say about a topic into one post, blog, or video. It’ll be more effective if you break it into more posts across your platforms. This makes it easy to digest and it becomes more enticing for your audience. Instead of having really long broad posts to take in, your audience will be looking for something super specific and focused! Think about this: if I want to share about Instagram tips, wouldn’t it be better to have several videos focusing on different parts of how to grow your following instead of one SUPER long video?! My audience can find a video on engagement tips, planning your feed, and Instagram Reels instead. This helped me create more content AND make it better for my audience in the end, too! 

Don’t forget to watch my video for a bonus tip if you’re a YouTube creator! It’ll help you narrow down the content you should be making! And, if you’re struggling to find some topics for your business, drop a comment below! I’d love to help you brainstorm a few content ideas. You’d be surprised how quickly you can fill your content calendar with a little bit of brainstorming time! 

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