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5 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

September 23, 2020

Video marketing shouldn’t be scary! I truly believe all service based businesses should consider using videos in their marketing and client experience to build trust and create stronger relationships. Over the last few years, I’ve added more videos to my business experience and the response has been amazing!!! Today, I’m sharing my top 5 video marketing ideas for service-based businesses. 

5 Video Marketing Ideas for Service Based Businesses

I know video marketing can be scary but I really want to encourage you to just TRY it! You don’t have to do anything fancy or really big – just start small and take baby steps. A video with your face, voice, and personality is truly going to help your clients connect with you much faster than a photo on a screen. So, here’s five different kinds of video marketing you can use! 

Front Facing Videos

This is the first category that I want you to think about when planning videos for your service based business. These videos will really help reel people in and want to work with YOU instead of someone else! An easy way to accomplish this is to create a promo video. You can hire a videographer to do a short little video all about your business. Explain who you are, what you’re about, and how you can help them. Another option might be behind the scenes snippets! Have someone who’s coming along take videos of you working. And one other idea could be a time lapse – this is a great idea if you’re working at home! Share what your day is like with a time lapse video. Once you make these videos, they can be shared anywhere. Put them on your website and social media!  

Educational Videos

When it comes to having a service based business, potential clients are going to be comparing you to others who could do the same job, right? Something that can help you stand out in your field is to create educational content. This helps establish your authority in whatever your niche is! For example, I’ve created a lot of videos for brides getting married, discussing their pain points and how the process might feel. By creating videos to reach brides (before they ever book with me!), it helps them feel more excited to reach out to me since they know I know what I’m doing. I’ve created and established authority as well as sharing my own personality and business. It’s SUCH an easy way to show clients that you’re knowledgeable and credible!! 

Video Responses to Inquiries

If you’re a service based business, chances are that you get inquiries from clients for your services. If that’s the case, you can create video responses to be super impactful when someone reaches out to you. And guys, I’m NOT talking about anything fancy! Film it on your phone!! I honestly feel like this easy recording setup is actually better for responding to inquiries. Respond back to their inquiry, talk about their pain points and how excited you are. Keep these super short (under a minute!) and make sure you mention their names so they know it’s not pre-created! You’ll be surprised how quickly people feel more connected with you! 

Videos on Your Investment Page

As a photographer, when someone reaches out to me, I send them a link to my investment page. On that page, there’s 2 different videos I’ve embedded. One explains what it’s like to work with me and what the process is. The second thing I share in a video is an album walkthrough because I love them and want my clients to love them and invest in one too! At that point, they don’t even need to schedule a consultation with me because they’ve heard about my process AND my product. I’ve easily connected with them through a video showing my personality and established even more credibility with what I do as a wedding photographer. Think about your business: what can you do after someone reaches out initially to keep them feeling connected with your brand and you?  

Oh… and one more thing I also love about these videos too is that they often answer all of the frequently asked questions I get! It saves me time too!!! LOVE that! 

Educational Experience after Booking

Once a client is booked, think about ways you can use video to enhance their experience with you. Maybe it’s a screen recording or tutorial about a question you get a lot. Another idea might be a sit down video where you discuss clothing choices for a session or discuss software you’re using with them! Think about the common questions you get from clients and how you could convert those answers from emails to video responses instead. Honestly, the videos help your clients feel more valued because you took the time to make a video for them and it’s a really fun and easy way to build connection with your clients. 

Videos can help you build trust with your clients. As your relationship goes on, the amount of trust you build is definitely thanks to these videos. These videos don’t have to be super high tech or anything – keep it simple… and you’ll still be surprised at how these videos impact your business! 

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