How to Go Viral on Instagram Reels

October 14, 2020

Are you curious what makes an incredible viral Instagram Reel? You know, the ones that hook people and turn them into real, engaged followers, and start to go viral… I’ve had Reels go semi-viral with hundreds of thousands of views and results in thousands of REAL followers gained! I’m excited to share my secrets with you today for creating a viral Instagram Reel!

How to Create a Viral Instagram Reel: Small business owner and educator Stephanie Kase shares SIX tips with business owners for Instagram Reels.

A Great Hook

So the first thing we really need to talk about is: you have to hook viewers! People have super short attention spans, especially with social media, so we have to immediately get their attention. One of the best ways to do this is to call out who this reel is for! And, not that you have to do this, but something else you might want to consider is a brighter/bolder color for your text on the opening! 

Make a Bold Statement

Another easy way to stop viewers in their tracks is to make a bold statement RIGHT away. This will encourage people to stop and see why you’re saying what you are. For me, I had a reel that said “Things I Do That Aren’t Normal for a Wedding Photographer”. People immediately wanted to know what I was doing that wasn’t “normal”.  

Show Your Face

Whatever it is that you do, you need to be willing to show up and put your face in front of the camera. One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to creating content of yourself is: it gets easier. Trust me, from experience, it will get easier the longer you do it! Whether you’re making a behind the scenes Reel or sharing something more fun and trendy, remember to show up as YOU. People trust people. They buy from people. Remember, we all love eye contact (even through a screen) and hearing who we’re watching! 

Giving Value

Another thing we have to talk about is that your Reels should be giving value. Share tips, show a process, or give information! If you’re able to incorporate sharing valuable content into your Reels will be a game changer. And remember, however you’re showing up – or the content your sharing – should be geared towards your ideal client. Just like everything else in your business! 

Consistency Matters

We talk about consistency a lot in business. From blogging to social media, we need to show up constantly to be rewarded. It’s no different with Instagram Reels. Instagram will reward you for showing up and using their new offerings! When I shared Reels every day, I found I was getting A LOT more views (not as much engagement). But after a few weeks, I really began to see the growth and the Reels taking off. So… keep on going. You HAVE to keep showing up!! 

Keep it Interesting

Instagram is looking at how long people watch your Reels and how engaged they are with it. So keep everything interesting by keeping your video fast paced. Try to avoid keeping text on the screen for super long! With new things popping up, people will want to stay on your Reel – or they’ll need to watch it again to get it all! The same concept can be applied to the videos and photos you use too. 

Call to Action

Never forget a concise, clear and direct call to action. Add the call to action in your caption and at the end of your video. This is a great way to make sure your posts are getting higher engagement! Again, creating valuable content will encourage people to return to your account and (hopefully) eventually buy from you! 

I hope these tips have been helpful as you delve into the world of Instagram Reels. I can’t wait to see your viral Instagram Reel soon! And if you need a little extra help, check out some of my Instagram Reels tutorial. Plus, I have a FREE gift for you: my Instagram Reels cover you can grab HERE. It’s a great way to help your Reels look ON BRAND – and who doesn’t love that?!

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