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For Brides: How to Have Consistent Wedding Details & Make Them Flow

February 21, 2018

When I was planning my wedding as a wedding photographer, one of the biggest things I was thinking about in my decisions was how my details flowed. What I mean by that is when all the photographs come together, how are all the little details of my day going to look together? Will they “match” and flow seamlessly? Things like colors, designs, and style all contribute to whether or not details will flow.

There are two main areas to think about with your details: Bridal (and groom) details (this includes your invitations, shoes, jewelry, florals, etc), and the second are your venue details (centerpieces, floral arrangements, decor, etc). Of course, there are a few other things to consider as well, such as bridesmaid dresses- but these two categories will take the majority of the details from the day!

One big thing I kept in mind: I wanted the color scheme to flow and match throughout the day, no matter if a detail was taken with my bridal details or the reception details. I sticked to a few main colors: light blue, greens, gold, and hints of peach. When choosing my invitations, I chose ones with lots of white and greenery around the edges (this also pulled in the fact we were getting married at a greenhouse venue). I chose a necklace with a light blue pendant and a gold chain. My centerpieces had a mix of frames (most of them gold or white) with greenery laying around the table. Our head table’s garland had pops of peach garden roses. The welcome sign at our wedding had a gold frame. Our bouquets had a lot of greenery with white and peach garden roses. My earrings were little golden leaves. My shoes had gold on them, and the wooden cross at our ceremony followed the same color scheme, with a lot of greenery, whites, and peaches. My bridesmaids dresses were light blue. My (now) hubby had ties and pocket squares with light blue and white in them. No matter which part of our wedding you picked from, the details all flowed so well.

So why does this matter? Firstly, it pulls all the different parts of your day together really well. When you get your photos back, they’re all going to flow seamlessly and look like they were all from the SAME wedding. It makes such a difference!

Also, if you order an album, having all the details go together makes the album look so much nicer and cleaner. It ties in all the little details from your day and makes everything look like it was a part of the same story! :) That matters because it WAS!

My biggest piece of advice is before you ever start planning the smaller details like colors and flowers: have a vision for your day. What is the overall “theme” or style you want your day to have? What are the main colors? Having this vision (and sticking to it) will allow you to have details that flow seamlessly on your wedding day. :)

P.S. Brides, planners & stylists are a HUGE help in this area and can 100% make your vision come to life exactly how you want it! They give you guidance in a way no one else can, since they know how to make your details flow the best out of anyone. If you need recommendations for Columbus wedding planners that can help make your vision happen, feel free to reach out to me for a few awesome ones I’ve worked with at [email protected]! :)

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