We Have a Date – A Kase of Love | no. 2

January 23, 2017

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Here is the official start to my newest blog series, A Kase of Love. This series is all about me and Michael’s engagement and wedding planning!! :) I’ll be share bits and pieces of everything that is going on all the way up until our wedding day.

Right after we got engaged, we went on vacation for about two weeks. We really didn’t have time to sit down and plan anything until January, which is also why I haven’t started this until now! The first week of planning mainly consisted of trying to figure out which venue we wanted, and what our date was going to be. Being a photographer, I had my DREAM photographer picked out (KariMe Photography!!), so I immediately emailed her and asked when she was available in July. So when we were looking at venues, we based our date on when Kari was available and when the venue was available (future brides, I highly encourage you to do this if you have a dream team in mind for your wedding day). We were originally going to go with a different venue I had shot one wedding at before, but ultimately decided to pick Oak Grove because it was a lot closer to home, was unique, and the available date we really wanted. Another bonus is I have never shot a wedding there, so I think it will make it a little more special not seeing anything else done there before. The reason being is they just opened this venue last fall, so this will be it’s first full year hosting weddings. I have shot at Jorgensen’s Farm’s main barn venue before, so I have no doubt this will be equally amazing.

I also went wedding dress shopping! I wasn’t really expecting to find anything, but I really just to see what kind of dresses I like. I didn’t find a dress in any stores we went to, but I did end up ordering one online. It’s exactly what I want, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, just in case it’s not exactly what I envisioned once it arrives. But we’ll just have to see! :) I won’t know for sure until mid-Febuary. I think I’ve also picked out the colors of my bridesmaid dresses! I ordered some swatches from a couple different companies of light blue colors. I really want a more muted/dusty light blue, and I think I’ve found the perfect one… but I haven’t decided for sure yet.

That’s a wrap for week one! To recap: in the past two weeks, we’ve picked out a venue, photographer, (tentative) bridal dress, (tentative) color for the bridesmaid dresses… and our date is July 9, 2017. So exciting to finally have a date! Now we can start finalizing everything else we’re dreaming of for different parts of our day. I’m ecstatic, to say the least!! :)

Below is from my wedding dress shopping date with my sister, my maid of honor!


Our venue! Ahh!! Of course, a tiny bit dreary in the winter since it was rainy, overcast, and there’s no greenery… but in the summer, oh my goodness, it will be beautiful!wedding-photographer-planning-own-wedding-a-kase-of-love-stephanie-brann_0152wedding-photographer-planning-own-wedding-a-kase-of-love-stephanie-brann_0153wedding-photographer-planning-own-wedding-a-kase-of-love-stephanie-brann_0154And just thought I’d throw this in here. This is our photographer, Kari! I actually went to her workshop last spring, so this is her posing the lovely couple during our styled shoot!


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