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MY STREAMS OF INCOME WITH YOUTUBE: How I monetize my YouTube channel in 4 different ways!

December 28, 2022

If you’re using YouTube as a business owner, it’s easy to do it the wrong way and leave money on the table for your brand. Today, I want to share how I’ve been able to monetize my YouTube channel in a way that’s native and sensible for the platform. By using these four strategies, I’ve been able to monetize my YouTube channel and make more money in my business! You might be surprised at what actually increases revenue on the platform. Let’s dive in so that you can do the same! 

Stephanie Kase shares 4 ways to create revenue streams and monetize her YouTube channel for business owners and online brands


1) Freebies

First is incorporating my freebies. This is HUGE for my YouTube channel. When I say freebie, I’m talking about a product or download that someone receives in exchange for their email address. I know it sounds a little counterintuitive – I’m giving away something for free. How would that help me monetize my channel? But, by incorporating these freebies, I’m growing my email list which then triggers a sales funnel that pitches my paid products. This process has been one of the biggest ways I’ve monetized what I’m doing. It’s important to incorporate my freebies naturally – whether it’s a video to support the freebie or mentioning them in the intro or outro of the video. The mention should be quick and keep things to the point. Trust me on that little tip! 

2) Affiliate programs

The second way I’ve monetized my YouTube channel is using affiliate links. You might sign up for programs you love (like Honeybook or Later) or you might use a site like RStyle where I can grab links for Amazon products I love. The idea is that when someone uses your link for that software or item, you get a kickback. The kickback varies based on the company/program, but it’s been a great way to add income to my business. Obviously, the ones with a bigger kickback are the ones I’ll focus on more often, but every little bit counts. I love affiliate links because sharing about them always feels so organic. I can create content around these programs or what I do with them, and then mentioning my link is a no brainer. Oftentimes, I’m using that software in my videos, so people have to sign up to follow along! It’s super easy! 

3) Sponsorships

The next way to monetize my YouTube channel is to engage in sponsorships. I’ve done a few so far with Descript and Epidemic Sound among other brands, but they’re something I really enjoy doing. It’s a great way to get paid for videos you’re already planning to create! I always make these videos because I really love the software and want to share it with you, but when I get sponsored by the company, it can be even more beneficial for me. One thing to note about sponsorships is that it can be a bit more work on the backend – from negotiating to approving the video – but, as long as it’s worth your time, definitely consider sponsorships! This is one of the reasons I do tend to focus on affiliate links or mentioning my own products – since it’s a bit easier overall. But again, sponsorships can be worth the effort! 

4) YouTube ads

The last way is probably the most obvious way to make money from YouTube: ads! Compared to other apps where you get ad money or bonuses (Reels Play Bonus Program, for example), it’s a pretty consistent income stream. I consistently make $1.7k-$2k/month, because views are so consistent and it’s based on ALL views you are getting – not just what you did that month. While it is consistent, I don’t recommend putting all of your eggs in one basket. Continue to have and promote your own paid products or sponsorships so that you can monetize in a few different ways!

Monetizing your YouTube channel comes down to being consistent with the content you create and finding ways to organically share your freebies, paid products, affiliate links, and sponsorships. Let me know what other questions you have about YouTube below! 

Other Resources 

I also offer a free one-hour Instagram Reels class if you want more help with how to grow your reach, followers, and customers with Reels in 2 hours a month! You can sign up for that HERE. And, if you have questions or want some extra support, I’ve got a FREE Reels Growth Facebook Community that you can join. I absolutely love getting to chat with everyone and help them work through their questions about Reels!

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PS. We’ve started a podcast! If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time!  This has been such a fun project since maternity leave and I hope you’ll tune in. If you’re listening and you have ideas about what to talk about next, please send in your requests! I really do want to know what you want to hear about in future episodes. Email me at [email protected] with your questions!! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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