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How to Add the Siri Voice Effect on Your Instagram Reels

September 22, 2021

Today, I’m giving you a super short and very simple tutorial to add the Siri voice effect on your Instagram Reels. If you’ve never heard this effect, the Siri voice effect actually comes from Tik Tok! So, my first recommendation is to download the Tik Tok app if you’re wanting to add this effect to your Reels. If you’re not a big Tik Tok user, that’s totally fine! You don’t have to post or do anything other than create an account to get this effect. We just need to use the account to grab that audio and customize it. So, download Tik Tok and let’s get started!! 

How to add the Siri Voice effect on Instagram Reels: a step-by-step tutorial to use Tik Tok to add effect to video for Reels shared by Stephanie Kase

Start with Tik Tok 

Once you’re in Tik Tok, go to the bottom of the screen and hit the black plus icon to go to the editing section. Now, we’re in the space you’d make a Tik Tok. Here is where you’ll upload any videos you want to include in your Instagram Reel. Remember to film your video before you get to this stage. You can do that in the Instagram app or outside the app. 

Add the Siri Effect

After you’ve selected your video, select “next” at the bottom and then “next” at the top. If you have multiple video clips you’re uploading, make sure you select and add them all at the same time. Remove any sounds it might have automatically added. Then, to create the Siri voice effect, type in whatever you want it to say over the video. It doesn’t really matter where the text is. My recommendation is to just cover it when you add it to Instagram Reels (or you can use it there!). But, once you’ve added all your text, tap on the text and hit “text to speech”. That’s what gives you the Siri voice! 

Screen record your video

Once you’re done with that, hit “next” in the bottom right hand corner. At this point, turn on your screen recording! Make sure your mic is turned on by holding down the screen recording button – this is really important. Then hit the video and select the upper right hand corner so the video goes full screen. You’re creating a screen recording of the video with the audio so you can put it on Instagram Reels. I recommend letting it play through twice when you screen record to make sure you have all of your sounds. 

Add to Instagram Reels

Now, you can navigate over to Instagram Reels. Tap on screen recording and then you can cut down your video to the section with the full sound. Hit “add” and now you can add any other video clips you might want to put into your Reel. You can also add background music at this point, too! Then, hit preview and you’re actually able to modify the audio levels so that you can turn down the music and turn up your camera audio so it is truly background music. From here, you can finish editing your Instagram Reel (if you need guidance on that, check out my tutorial HERE!). 

That’s it! It’s so easy to add the Siri voice effect to your Instagram Reels, so get creative with it. Don’t forget that I’ve got 10 FREE Reels ideas for you! I hope it helps you kick start creating Reels on your own account. 

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