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How to Actually Take Out Your Phone to Photograph Your Life

May 28, 2021

One of the easiest ways to capture our lives these days is through our cell phone cameras. We always have our phones on us (let’s be real…) and they’re not bad quality photos either! But sometimes, in the middle of a beautiful moment, we stop taking photos because it won’t be perfect. Maybe the spot we’re in is crowded or has “weird” light. Or maybe people aren’t posing the way you want. And today, I want to encourage you to take those photos anyway! Your life goes by so quickly and photos are one of the few ways that we can remember all of our special moments. Here’s three quick ways to actually take out your phone to photograph your life.

tips to remember to take your phone out and capture your life

Capturing your life and memories is always important.

Even if you can’t get the perfect lighting or a super clean space to snap a photo, TAKE THE PHOTO anyway! Your life and your memories are more important than making something perfect. I promise you, years from now, you’re going to want to look back on those funny photos of your kids covered in dinner or your vacation photos. Or even just the snap from date night with your spouse. Capturing your life, as it is now, will always be the most important part of a phone photo. Trust me! When you look back on the memories, you won’t remember if the light was just right  – you’ll remember the fun you had together.

tips to photograph your every day life with your mobile phone

Don’t be afraid to not be perfect.

I get it, really I do! We all prefer photos that are well-lit or organized. But sometimes, life is far from perfect. Don’t let moments with your kids, your family, your parents, or whatever you’re doing fly by. Pull out your phone and snap that photo. This day in age, there’s so much you can do after the moment to lighten a photo or edit it a little, so just be there and capture something to remember that moment by. Have you ever left a get together and wished you’d taken a photo? Me too. So let’s make a promise to take the photo, no matter how “imperfect” it feels that that moment.

tips for capturing photos during your life tips for photographing your life

Be in the moment.

I’m ALL about you capturing your memories but I want to encourage you to be in the moment too. Grab your photo and then jump back into the moment. Don’t feel like you have to have a full-on photo shoot right then and there so that you can get the perfect photo. Sometimes the most spontaneous moments and photos become our favorites! Later on, you can take the time to decide how to edit the images or where to post them. But live in the moment and share it later. I promise, this is such a better way to go about documenting your memories. And PS – make sure YOU get in the photo too. You need to remember your memories – not just as the one who captured them, but as one who lived them.

Take out yoru phone to photograph your life: Stephanie Kase shares three tips to help you photograph your life more often before her mobile preset launch

My presets are launching June 9th and the heart behind them is about being able to focus on being in the moment with your loved ones so that you can capture your every day life. These presets are there to help you edit them after the fact. When you start going back through your treasured moments, my presets will help you preserve them for all time. And not only that, they’ll allow you to share your life and personal brand in a more cohesive way! And if you haven’t heard, I’m giving away a free lighting lesson to help you nail those mobile photos! So, let’s make a promise to take out your phone to photograph your life right here and right now!

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