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Easy Transitions Tutorials for Instagram Reels

April 28, 2021

Today we’re talking about transitions for Instagram Reels, part two! I was asked by my followers and students to talk about three more transitions, including swiping up, snapping, and spinning. All three of these transitions are typically for a quick change of clothes which is super fun. We’re going to dive right in, so grab your phone and let’s get started! 

Transitions for Instagram Reels walkthrough by social media and business educator Stephanie Kase

I place my phone in my tripod when filming Instagram Reels – or a ring light, so you can be sure your video is well-lit. Once you’re all set up, it’s time to film! 

Transition #1: Tapping on the Screen

This popular trend focuses on tapping or touching the screen and having your outfit change after you move your hand back. Basically, you’re hitting the screen a few times and on the last time, you’ve changed how you look. A lot of makeup artists use it! The first thing to do is go into Reels and hit the timer. Scroll until you find the spot in the music that you’ll end your video. I always recommend running your video a little longer than you think you’ll need! 

We’re going to film the first part of this trend, which is tapping the screen. When you’re ready, start the timer and hit the screen according to the music. On the last hit, just hold your hand over the camera since that’s when you’ll pull back and change outfits, looks, or locations! Now, you should change into your second outfit (or whatever you’re using for this Reel!). Then, right below the timer button, hit “align” and line yourself up with where you were. Now, don’t make yourself crazy  – since you’re hiding behind your hand, it doesn’t totally matter if you’re perfectly lined up! Then record your new look! 

Now it’s time to edit. Hit the upper left side to go back and then hit the bottom left side, near where you record, and begin to edit your clips. Use the scissor icon to modify where your clips start and stop. 

Transition #2: Snapping

The second transition for Instagram Reels we’re talking about is snapping your fingers to a change of clothes! Again, we’ll start by filming the beginning of the Reel first. Whatever song you use, play it during this recording so you line up your snaps. Hit the timer – and film. After you’ve got your snaps in place, it’s time to record the second part of your video! A little bonus tip: after you snap, stay in place for another few seconds so that you can easily align yourself for the new outfit! For the second part, you’ll use the “align” feature again. When you go into edit the clips, aim to have the top of your snap in the first outfit and the bottom in the second – so it really feels like it’s happening in the same few seconds. 

Transition #3: Spinning

The last transition we’re doing today is the spinning change! Basically, the idea is that you’re changing outfits midspin. Like the other two, you’ll film the first outfit to start. Go ahead and film a full spin plus a few extra seconds standing in your location. Trim the video before you use the “align” function so that you can match your second video more easily. Now, change your outfit and film your second half. 

Remember, these transitions may take some time to film and learn! There is no shame in having to re-do them. We’re all learning this new platform together – and it’s seriously all about having fun. 

PS. To see my first video on Instagram Reel transitions, click here! 


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