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How to Plan & Schedule Instagram Posts with Later

July 8, 2020

Today’s new video is a tutorial on the Later app, my favorite tool for Instagram! If you ever wanted to see *exactly* how I schedule out all my Instagram posts, plan my feed, and use the Later app… Well NOW YOU CAN!!! I seriously love this program! 

Sign up here and get 10 free posts… then start my newest video and start planning your content! 


Using Later on Your Phone

Let’s walk through how to use Later on your phone! When you pull up the app, it will take you to the media library. Add any photos you want from your phone’s gallery. If you’ve recently taken new headshots, promotional photos, or anything else you want to use – I recommend you immediately dump them into Later. This will help make sure you always have content to use (and it’s all in one place!). 

Ready to schedule? Tap on the image you want to use! If your account is upgraded (from the free version) and you have a business profile, you can set your posts to auto publish, but I like to keep mine manual! This encourages me to get online, engage, and double check my posts before they’re live. Totally up to you though!!! Now, you can add your caption once you’ve picked your images. Don’t forget to add your hashtags! You can even save them in Later, too! I mean, really?! Could it get any easier? 

One other great thing is that you can crop your images in Later, too. That means you get an option to see exactly how it will look in your grid! When your image, caption, and hashtags are ready you can schedule it! Choose whatever time of day is good for your followers. And if you’re in manual mode, you’ll get a notification on your phone and you can publish it to Instagram! 

Preview View!

Another feature I love is the Preview View! You can see how your posts will be laid out in your grid when they’re published. You can easily click on an image, drop and drag it into a new order if you don’t like how something is looking! A quick note: your IGTV previews won’t show up here, so just keep that in mind! It’s REALLY nice to be able to see how your feed will look and be in love with it before you post it… one of my favorite things about Later!

Desktop Planning

One of the other great things about Later is that I can schedule posts on my phone OR computer! If you’re like me and you keep your phone tucked away during work hours, this is a great option for you! Most of the site works the same as the app… and you can still even use the preview option, too! 

The desktop version also helps you plan out stories! Choose the “stories” option at the top of the page, drag an image you want to use over to the planner and you’ll be able to schedule out your stories. This is an AMAZING way to keep yourself accountable for showing up on those stories!!! 

Finally, the last thing I want to point out on the desktop version is the media library. It’s obviously the same images you’d see on the mobile version, but it’s a bit more organized here! Here, you can add labels to your images to help you organize them so you can lay out your content even better. All you have to do is click on the image and hit “label” below the image. I usually sort mine into things like “details”, “headshots”, “Ember” and so on. Find what works best for you!! 

Ready to try it? Sign up here for TEN free posts! If you watch today’s video, be sure to take a screenshot, share on your Instagram stories, and tag me @stephanielynnkase! I’d love to feature you on MY Instagram and see you enjoying this free educational content!!

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