Reset Conference 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky

April 17, 2019

Last month I went to my FIRST *ever* photography conference and it was SO FUN. I mean, I had been to a few photography events and workshops like The Gathering in 2016 & 2018 and the KariMe Workshop back in 2016, but I had never been to a big conference before. The Reset Conference in Louisville, Kentucky was my FIRST and it was such a good first conference!

I went with my good friend Michelle who is also a photographer in Columbus! Having friends who are also doing the same thing you are is such a gift. I drove down and picked Michelle up from the airport (she flew in from Arizona, so jealous!!) Here are a few highlights from the conference:

  • Starbucks chai lattes. Every day. 
  • Learning so much. One of my favorite breakout sessions was video marketing by Anesha Collins! It’s something I’ve been doing in my business so it was great to hear another perspective on it and to learn so much.
  • Seeing Hope Taylor again!! She is so sweet!! Her keynote on going through the hard times without the whole world knowing was SO powerful, and very relatable. 
  • Vendor expo where I purchased my first essential oils. I DID IT. I bought one with lavender that has been AMAZING for sleeping at night. 

So excited to attend not one, but TWO more conferences this year: Creative at Heart and Showited United!!! It’s going to be such a great year full of meeting so many new people!


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