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Our Wedding Vows | a Kase of Love no. 13

August 8, 2017

Michael and I chose to write our own vows for our wedding ceremony. It was one of my favorite things I did to prepare for our wedding day, and I was so excited to commit my life to him! It was one of the very first decisions we made after we got engaged. On the morning of our wedding, I spent at least thirty minutes writing them out in little vow books I bought for both of us… then spent another thirty crying my eyes out, because I was SO overwhelmingly excited that I was about to marry the love of my life. Needless to say, my eyes were still a little watery when I was putting on my dress, right before our first look. During our ceremony, my sweet Michael had tears streaming down his face the whole time while we were saying our vows. It was absolutely the sweetest thing ever, and it made me tear up so many times during our vows and foot washing.

Stephanie’s Vows:


I am absolutely convinced that you are the man God has given me to spend the rest of my life with. You are my very best friend and the one my soul loves. I adore the way you care for me and how you’re always looking out for me. You constantly lay down your own wants and needs for my own. You serve me in little ways and big ways. You are so quick to forgive me, even when it’s difficult. You are loving, extremely humble, loyal, a gentleman, Godly, and everything I could have ever hoped for in a husband- and more. What makes me fall in love with you the most is your heart for God and how you pursue Him. You point me towards Him in every situation and show me His love daily. I believe that God has brought us together for life, and that through our marriage, we will push each other to become more like Christ. I know that He is celebrating with us today. Standing here before God and everyone here, I promise these things to you:

I vow to trust you and to always think the best of you in every situation.

To always be on your team and to remember that when one of us loses, we both lose.

To never criticize you publicly, but to always be your biggest advocate.

To always extend grace and patience.

I vow to be quick to apologize and quick to forgive.

To always love your hilarious sense of humor, and to always let you open the door for me.

To be humble and to think of you before myself.

I vow to follow you joyfully, even when I disagree.

To rejoice with you during exciting times, and to comfort you during every trial we will face.

I vow to always be faithful to you alone.

To honor and respect you, and to submit to you as the leader of our family.

To help create a home that’s loving, welcoming, and a home you will love being a part of.

I vow make you a priority above children, work, friends, and anything else in our lives. Only God is more important.

I vow to always encourage you to pursue God above all else

To continually pray for you.

And to love you for the rest of our days

I love you, Michael David Kase. I am so grateful for you and so excited to start the rest of our lives together, following God with you by my side.

Michael’s Vows:


Today I get to make a covenant to love and hold the greatest blessing (apart from Christ) I’ve ever been given for the rest of my life. Marrying you might be the easiest choice I’ll ever make. But I know that doesn’t mean the rest of it will be easy. So I stand before you now eager to be forever yours and only yours.

I vow to work tirelessly along your side to build a firm foundation for our marriage that will be anchored in Christ, trust, vulnerability, communication, and pure devotion to one another.

I promise to always be working to become more like Christ in the way I live my life, both personally and with you.

I promise to always lead our family in faith, to always seek God’s plan for our lives, and to make glorifying Him with our family my priority.

I promise to always seek your council, to make you a partner in everything we do, and to respect and value your point of view.

I vow to uphold your ability to trust that at the head of me and my leadership will always be the Lord, and that I will always be seeking His will and striving to glorify Him.

I vow to be a faithful husband, to always choose to love you and to remain by your side for the rest of our lives.

I promise to protect and honor your dignity, to cherish your presence, and to always take pride in you as my wife. Thanks for making that one easy.

I vow to always protect you, provide for you, and to always put your needs above my own.

Marrying you Stephanie is not the easiest choice just because I think “I picked the right one.” Instead it is because I am absolutely confident that you are a complete blessing from God. You are everything I had dreamed of, and then far beyond anything I was capable of dreaming of. You are the most loving and trustable companion I could go through life with and you are my best friend. This covenant of marriage with you is a blessing that I am beyond honored to get to take responsibility of with you, to nurture and to grow it in the direction that the Lord leads.

I vow that it will not be a covenant that I will abandon nor neglect and together we will strive to glorify God through every season, every trial, every mistake, every success, every conversation, and every moment from this day forward. I love you.

A few highlights from our ceremony. :) View our whole wedding day HERE! All photos by the incredible KariMe Photography



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