A Kase of Love | no. 4

February 13, 2017

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This week, I’m so excited to introduce another bridesmaid! About a month ago, I created the cards on the right below. I used them to use to ask five different ladies to be my bridesmaids. In each of them, I wrote a little note about why each one is special to me and why I would love to have them at my wedding. It was so fun creating them, and being able to use my love of calligraphy to create something unique. :) It’s definitely something I hope to get into more in the next few years… so if you know of anyone wanting any calligraphy done for a project, such as logos or cards, send them my way!

I would like to introduce this lovely lady below (on the left). Audrey has been a dear Ohio friend of mine for a couple of years now. I met her the same exact day I met Michael, at our church small group. We have done so much together, from ice skating to volleyball to coffee dates… and helping to “set up” my first date with Michael, way back before we even officially started dating. :) She has been such a supportive friend throughout our whole relationship. She is such a fun, sweet girl, and such a joy to have around! I am SO excited to have her stand next to me on my wedding day. :)


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