Our Early Engagement Photos – A Kase of Love | no. 6

February 27, 2017

Today for #aKaseoflove, I’m sharing some engagement photos my friend, Michelle Joy Photography, took of Michael and I!

Before we were even engaged, Michelle and I planned to meet up after I got back from Christmas vacation (in Florida) to swap headshots for each other. This is the pretty awesome thing about having super talented photographer friends… and happens pretty often! (In case you’re not sure what this is, we meet up and take photos of each other).  Well, once I was engaged, we decided to bring our guys along as well! :) We met up at Hoover Dam in Westerville, Ohio. I took photos of Michelle and her husband, Josh, and Michael and I received some newly engaged photos! It was so much fun, and we both enjoyed hanging out with Michelle and Josh so much. They are the sweetest! I am so thankful to have these photos to document the first part of our engagement.

Enjoy some of my favorites!! Oh, and if you’re wondering where my ring is… unfortunately, it was getting resized when we took these photos! So I promise I have one, it’s just not in these. :)

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