Easy to customize Canva templates to create & send beautiful graphic emails to your email list.

Email Graphic Templates

You want branded, beautiful emails to send to your list, ones that will have EVERYONE wondering how you did it!!

You don't want to have to spend hours of time (or $$) to design the graphics yourself to create beautiful emails

You have seen Stephanie's content roundup emails and want to create similar emails to send to your email list!

Does this sound like you?

What's included...

For each type of content to share about to your list, we included 5 different designs for you to customize!

This includes 10 categories, 5 designs in each category:
→ YouTube videos,
→ Podcast episodes
→ Instagram content
→ Blog posts
→ TikTok
→ Featured offers (services or products)
→ Announcements (shorter blocks sharing whatever you want!)
→ Fun personal updates
→ Welcomes for emails
→ Closings for emails


This sounds awesome... download now!

Below is an example of a design set for Instagram!

There is a set of 5 designs like this for EACH category, adding up to 50 designs total! Each design is COMPLETELY custom to your own branding: You can easily and quickly change all the fonts, colors, images, or layout to fit your needs!

I'm so glad you asked...

How easy are the templates to use?!

Easy to customize templates with your branding colors, fonts, etc.

Video tutorial on how to use Canva (free program)

50 email graphic templates, ready to customize in Canva

Email Graphic Templates

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Get instant access to these 50 Canva email graphic templates for a beautifully branded email design.

Have beautiful emails with ease.

I'm still not sure this course is a good fit and I have more questions...

If you're still hesitant and not sure this mini course is a good fit for you, EMAIL US at [email protected]! Seriously, our inbox is open to you and ANY questions or hesitations you might have. We are here for you and truly want to make sure this is the perfect fit! 

Will this work with any email service provider? 

Yup! We use and love Flodesk, but it will work with ANY email service provider, as long as you can upload images and add a link to your image! This includes but is not limited to: Flodesk, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, and more!! If you're wondering about your specific provider, feel free to reach out to us!

How do these work exactly?

Upon purchasing, you get access to the Canva templates! There is one Canva template to copy for each set of designs (for example, you'll copy one template for the YouTube designs, one for the blog post designs, etc. There are 10 total.) Any graphics in the designs are either free within Canva or designed by Stephanie. Once copied to your own (free!) Canva account, you can instantly customize anything about the templates! Add your own branding colors, fonts, images, graphics, text, anything you want! After you customize a design for a specific email, you simply download the image, upload it to your email, and add the link. 

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