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Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

May 25, 2020

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Have you ever wondered what a wedding photographer REALLY does? What does a day in the life of a wedding photographer really look like? I mean, it can be tempting to think that all they do is show up and take photos. Then, get paid for one day of work. 

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth!! Did you know that photographers spend 90% of their time on the back end of running their business? And NOT taking pictures? Crazy, right?! 

I’m giving you all a little sneak peek into a day in my life and what a photographer does when they’re not shooting… including answering emails, attending meetings, and all the puppy cuddles all day long. 

What was your favorite part of this video about a day in the life of a wedding photographer? Comment down below and tell me!


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