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Teaching My Hubby to Take My Photos

May 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered HOW in the world I get *so* many headshots of myself? Well, my biggest secret is NOT that I hire a photographer to do a photoshoot of myself every week… I actually hand my DSLR  camera off to ANYONE who is willing to take my photo (my hubby, my sister… anyone!) 

I’m sharing my top secrets for having professional headshots of yourself in your day to day life, without setting up a bunch of photo shoots!

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Have a Vision of Your Headshots

The first step to making this happen is to have a vision. Know exactly where you want to stand and how you want the image to be composed! That way, you can tell them EXACTLY where to stand and how to take the photo.

Secondly, think of some poses you want to do! Below are a few of my FAVORITE go-tos for being in front of the camera. I love putting my hand on my hip, hand in my pockets, hand in my hair, and adding some movement with twirling or walking!

Teachin my hubby to take my headshots by Stephanie Kase Photography

After you have your vision and poses in mind, the first thing to do is to set your camera settings FOR them! If they have no idea how a DSLR camera works, you’re going to have to do the hard work for them. I set my shutter speed, aperture, and ISO exactly how I want it so they don’t have to worry about it!

The next step is personal preference, but I typically turn OFF my back button focus. This makes it even easier for whoever is taking my photo to get me in focus! I just have to tell them to keep the little circle in the middle of the screen on my body to get me in focus! 

Once your camera settings are set, have them stand exactly where you want them to based on your vision for the photo! After you set yourself up, pose, and have them take a few headshots. Then you can take a look and see what you want tweaked! Remember, you only need one or two good ones, not a bazillion! 

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  1. Dolly DeLong says:

    Yes I would love to know how to put my Nikon D750 on a tripod to take self timed pictures of myself! I’ve embarrassingly never learned how to do this !

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