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Instagram Reels Tips for Editing Fast and On the Go

July 7, 2021

Today, we’re going to talk about my favorite tips and tricks for your Instagram Reels editing workflow. This video is really about HOW to get these Instagram Reels done and ready to post. We’re going to talk about how to film, edit, and get your Instagram Reels ready to go live without adding a lot of time to your already busy schedule. Let’s dive in and speed up your Instagram Reels editing workflow! PS. If you need a full Instagram Reels tutorial, see one HERE

How to speed up your Instagram Reels editing workflow

Record as much as you can on Instagram. 

The first tip to speed up your Instagram Reels editing workflow is to record as much footage as you can in the Instagram app. If you’re making videos that are trends, lip-syncing or something like that, honestly, it will be WAY easier to film in the app anyway because you have the sounds playing while you record. When you’re done filming, you can save the video to your camera roll AND as a draft on Instagram, too. This helps make sure you have a backup in case something happens to the drafts. And remember, try to batch your filming when you have time in your schedule. 

Use an editing app if you film outside the app. 

If you do record outside the app (like in your camera roll), I recommend recording the clips then putting them in a folder on your phone or favorite the videos, so they’re easy to fine. And, if you’re going to need to pair them together, use an app like Inshot! I love Inshot because there’s so many great tools for helping you create a smooth and clean video! 

Batch edit your Instagram Reels. 

Nothing says that once you record a reel that you have to add the text, make the cover, write your caption and all of those other steps at the same time. Instead, I recommend you film all of the videos you want to make and then batch the other steps! On another day after filming, I’ll work on the captions and one more day, I’ll make the cover photos. Break it down so that it works in your schedule a little bit better! (PS. If you need a cover photo template for your Instagram Reels so they’re consistent, grab my template HERE!). 

Schedule your posts in advance.

When we talk about scheduling anything on Instagram, you know I will always recommend Later!!Although you can’t actually schedule your Instagram Reels in advance, you can create space in your schedule so you don’t forget to share them! I use my cover photo in Later to create a space holder for my Reel. The only downside is that you can’t see the Instagram Reel cover photos in your feed after the fact through your scheduling app – so I like to actually put a graphic on my feed in Later so I know what things are looking like! 

When it comes to making my feed cohesive, I honestly don’t care as much anymore about it being perfect. So if my Instagram Reel doesn’t quite fit in at the end of the day, that’s okay. But, you can still plan ahead a few weeks at a time, incorporating the cover photos and you know that it’s going to look how you want when it’s time to share your Instagram Reel.

Don’t forget you can get 10 free posts HERE – and if you need help learning how to use Later, check out my tutorial HERE

I hope these tips helped you begin to think more about how you can create a faster editing workflow for Instagram Reels! It really comes down to streamlining your process and batching as much as you can. Batch create, batch edit, and schedule ahead of time so you know when you want to share things. Now, go have some fun making those Instagram Reels!


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