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Easy Lighting for YouTube Videos

May 12, 2021

Are you new to making YouTube videos and looking for a SUPER simple beginner lighting setup for filming your videos? That’s exactly what I’m going to be sharing with you today! I’m super pumped to be sharing this with you – when I filmed this video tutorial, it was really overcast here. So this is the perfect time to show you how I create bright lighting no matter what’s going on! Better lighting helps you video come off as a higher production, which will increase viewers… so it’s definitely important to make sure you’re spending the time lighting your videos correctly! So let’s dive into these tips for easy lighting for YouTube videos! 

Easy Lighting for YouTube Videos: How to use natural light and studio lights to film YouTube videos from YouTuber Stephanie Kase

Lighting Basics for YouTube Videos

The first thing to talk about when you think about lightning for your YouTube videos is making sure that your lighting is consistent. As a photographer who started a YouTube channel, I knew how great natural light was and figured that was the route to go. But, the reality is: you need consistent light. And when you stick to natural light, it’s going to change throughout your filming. If possible, have your primary light source be something that’s consistent like studio lights. I use two studio lights and my window provides secondary light but my primary sources are SUPER consistent. It makes everything so much easier when you go to edit and put your video together. 

Since our main lights will be artificial, we still want them to mimic natural light so we don’t get orange tones when we film. I LOVE these lights from Amazon.

How to Setup Studio Lights

The ones that I buy from Amazon are $58 and it’s just perfect. You’ll get a stand, the attachment to plug into the wall, the lightbulbs, and a white umbrella. The umbrella is there to help diffuse and soften your light. When you’re ready to set up the lights, add the attachment to the top of the stand. Once it’s connected, add on your light bulb. The last piece you’ll connect is the umbrella, which will go right below your light bulb. I put mine about halfway into the hole so the umbrella isn’t out too far! 

Lighting Setup for Filming

Once that’s all ready, plug it in and you’re ready to go!! I use a two-light setup for my filming but you don’t have to. For me, I put my window to the side of me and my studio lights will be off to the side of my chair and is more directional for me. I have to keep the light from being head on for me because I wear glasses and want to avoid a glare. My second light is off to the other side to help bring extra light into the room and it’s also going to be further back in the room. I personally like using the window as well because it fills in the frame a little bit better! And make sure you turn off the overhead lights in your room. Really truly make those studio lights your primary source. 

PS! If you don’t have glasses, you can put your light almost directly behind your camera if the window is still off to your side. 


So, when you buy the studio lights, they come with a smaller light. Recently, I upgraded mine to bigger studio lights that put off SO much light! If you’re in a darker or smaller space, definitely think about using these bigger light bulbs. It will make such a difference!! 

So there you have it! Studio lighting for video filming is MUCH easier than you think! I hope these tips for easy lighting for YouTube videos helps you get your YouTube channel going. And, I love helping you break down some of these big parts of getting videos ready to share so thank you for asking me each week for the topics that are most helpful to you!!

Other Filming Equipment

DSLR tripod for my Canon M50 

Canon M50

Canon M50 Backup Batteries 


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