I have a new brand! Why I rebranded, where I had it done, and my brand board!

August 3, 2020

I’m incredibly excited to *officially* announce that I have a NEW BRAND! Wow, that feels so surreal. I officially hit “publish” on Friday, so a few of you may have noticed the new look! I am SO excited about it and the direction it’s going to take my business.

I want to answer ALL of your biggest questions about my new brand, starting with, “Soooo…. WHY did you do a rebrand?” THAT is a very good question! 

Why another rebrand now?

Let’s back it up a little bit: I recently rebranded back in January of 2019. It was amazing for where I was at in business, but if I’m being honest, I knew that wasn’t going to be my long-term brand. It was beautiful and perfect for booking lots of weddings, but I knew I wanted to add in education (and possibly other things!) into my business. 

Fast forward to 2020: I knew I needed a new brand by the end of this year. I launched my first online course this year, my YouTube channel is growing even more, I launched a set of shop products, I spoke at my first conference… so many things are happening so fast for my brand this year, and it’s evolving and changing and growing (which is a GOOD THING!)

With all of the growth of my brand this year, I knew my current brand isn’t what would take me to where I wanted to go. Overall, the main thing I wanted in my new brand is for it to 100% be ME and my PERSONALITY.

As someone who has a personal brand, this is SO important and my previous brand wasn’t truly reflecting that. I wanted people to TRULY feel like they knew me and my vibe just by browsing my website! I wanted my website to be focused on ME and who I was, THEN the individual pages be geared towards my different offerings (including photography and education). 

So that’s how we got here! Now to the second question:

WHO did you go with for your rebrand?

My answer might surprise you, and honestly, it’s NOT what I would tell most small business owners to do… but I did most of it myself. Crazy, right?! 

It works because I had SUCH an *exact* vision for what I wanted my brand to be… AND I have a lot of experience with design myself! 

Even though I created my brand itself, my website is actually a template (with lots of tweaks!) from Elizabeth McCravy. I fell in LOVE with her work after stumbling upon her and how much personality her templates have. 

If you want to shop her templates, you can use code “STEPHANIE” for 10% off your website template purchase! How stinking cool is that?! CLICK HERE to shop away! 

I’m going to be completely honest here…

I poured so much of my heart (and hours) into crafting this new brand that genuinely feels like ME. My hope is that it brings joy to your day by browsing my site, and that the resources help you to grow your small business! 

But I wouldn’t be lying if I said I almost feel nervous. Is that weird?! I think because my new brand is SO different from so many others in my industry, it’s easy to start wondering if it’s really right… but that’s where I believe it truly IS *so* right. Because it’s different, because you’ll stand out. 

And that’s why I’m SO proud to share with you the brand that’s been in the works for several weeks! Below is my brand mood board with my brand elements. The mood board at the bottom is the original vibe I wanted my brand to have, and the elements are how it came to life:

Stephanie Kase Brand Board

Thank you all for your support and encouragement as I launch my new brand! It means the world and I cannot WAIT to see how my business continues to grow!

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