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Why Wedding Details Are Actually Important

February 13, 2020

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If you’re a photographer, maybe you’ve wondered why photographing wedding details is ACTUALLY important… I mean, is there really more to it than it just looking pretty and being fun to photograph?

I’m here to tell you that there is a deeper WHY behind shooting details beautifully, and how they serve a greater purpose.

There are four reasons why it’s important to make details a priority in your workflow:

1. You’re serving your couple well. If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know the HOURS and hours of thought and time that goes into EVERY little detail. Brides tend to agonize over the littlest things, like what necklace they’re going to wear, what veil they’ll choose, and what their place cards will look like. Knowing how to photograph these details well preserves those memories for them that they spent HOURS putting together is ultimately going to serve them really well. It gives them photos to look back on and remember for decades to come.

2. You’re serving your vendors well. Guys, shooting details well then delivering the gallery to the vendors is SUCH an amazing way to network! If you’re not already doing this in your wedding workflow, START NOW. If you’re able to photograph details in a way that provides a lot of variety and in an aesthetically pleasing way, your vendors will 100% appreciate you SO MUCH because not every photographer can do that! This is also why I deliver the full galleries to vendors involved with a wedding, for them to use in their own marketing too. This goes for planners, venues, dress shop, florist, rental company, invitation maker… anyone involved with the little details of the day will appreciate your ability to style and photograph details well.

3. It gives you a higher chance of being published. If you’re able to photograph details in a beautiful way with a good eye AND provide a lot of variety in composition and angles, you’re already ahead of the game for the likelihood of getting your weddings published in an online blog or magazine. Not only is that awesome for you, but it also goes back to serving your couple and the vendors well because they’re going to be PUMPED about being published too!!

4. It pushes you to keep thinking creatively in your work. Photographing details has a LOT to do with developing your eye for composition, style, and seeing how things are balanced in a photo. Pushing yourself in this way not only helps you photograph details better, but EVERY part of a wedding day. Overall, you’re going to serve your couple even better!

If you want to learn more about shooting details, grab my free download below: “6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details.” I’m sharing even more tips on how to ROCK your wedding details photos at any wedding:

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