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How to Work with a Photo Editor Successfully | Guest Post by Donya Luana

June 30, 2017

Awhile back, I wrote about outpouring your photo editing and all about how it works (click here to read it!). It is something that is so freeing for my business and allows me to live and not drown during wedding season!! :) Today, my wonderful photo editor, Donya Luana, is kindly sharing her top tips for working with a photo editor and how to successfully have your photos edited by someone else.

“Hey there! As Stephanie’s photo editor, she kindly asked me to share a bit about working with a photo editor. Have you considered hiring a photo editor for your weddings?  I have thoroughly enjoyed editing for Stephanie and seriously have real life heart eyes every time she sends me a wedding. But best of all, it’s been amazing to see Stephanie’s business grow and allow her extra time to do so many amazing things.

Here are just a few ways you might better use your time if you outsourced your editing:

– booking more clients (& not worrying about the extra editing workload)
– collaborating with local businesses
– continuing edudcation
– growing your social media presence
– and best of all, more time with your friends and family, instead of the computer!
When we start a business, we, as entrepreneurs, often become addicted to getting all the work done and being the sole worker bee in the business. And while that can be very fulfilling in the early stages, it can quickly lead to burnout. At some point in your journey as an entrepreneur, your time becomes more valuable than the cost of outsourcing. That’s when you know it’s time to consider a photo editor.
With the photographers I’ve worked with, here are a few tips that have made the process work smooth & efficiently.
1. Know Your Style
It’s extremely important to know your style because you’ll be teaching someone else to do it for you! If you’ve never done this, take some time to evaluate your work and pick apart what you do to your images. Think about what you absolutely love and definitely hate when it comes to editing styles also.
2. Pre-edits
Pre-edits are edits photographers do ahead of time before sending the full wedding to me to edit. Oftentimes these will be their blog images. Choosing to do pre-edits will make teaching your editor your style incredibly easy since it will allow your editor to see how you would like the images to look in the many lighting situations you encounter on a wedding day!  And because you were present for the real deal, you know the real colors and can pass that info on to your editor through the pre-edits.
3. Know Your Routine
This will help both you and your editor. When do you typically import your photos to your computer following a wedding? When do you plan to have sneak peeks or a blog post online? Are you meeting your goal delivery time for your clients? Having a rough schedule for these tasks will help your editor know when to expect your images following a wedding or photo session, and as a bonus you’ll have a bit of accountability to get your tasks done in a systematic time frame.  From there, you’ll know when to expect the images back from your editor so you can quickly send out the final gallery to your client!  Who isn’t looking for more ways to elevate their clients’ experience?!  A win, win, win for you, your editor, & your client!
So if your finding that editing is taking up too much of your valuable time or that it’s something you dread spending time on, I whole heartedly hope you’ll consider finding out if your ready to outsource your editing.”

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