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How to Blog Photos Fast | BlogStomp Review

August 22, 2017

BlogStomp is one of the first tools I invested in when I started blogging regularly and it’s a LIFE CHANGER!!! If you’ve tried to blog any amount of photos anymore, you quickly realize how time consuming it is to resize every photo… and then comes trying to put two vertical photos together! That requires going into Photoshop, resizing the two images perfectly so they go side by side, creating a new document, copy and pasting both photos into the document, perfectly aligning the photos, then finally saving it… for EVERY single pair of vertical images! If I had to do all of this for every blog post, I would spend hours and hours trying to create it perfectly.

However, with BlogStomp, NONE of that has to be done! It’s so easy to use. It resizes your photos however you’d like, AND it’s so quick and simple to put two vertical images together! It takes me about 2-3 seconds for every image I “Stomp”- if that! The hardest part is figuring out which vertical images I want to go together! It’s SO EASY!

When I first open BlogStomp, here’s what I see after I import some photos using the “Import” button on the left:

I can hold down my “Command” key (on my MacBook) to select two images at once. It automatically puts them side by side like this… if I want to swap them, I just click “Mix it up” button below the image, and it swaps them! (You can also select more than two images to “Stomp” together :))

Under the “Styles” tab, you can create different styles that have different specifications (width of the photos you are “stomping”, borders, logos, etc). I really only mess with the Image Width and Margins! This is how you create your own width you want all of your photos to be stomped in! I stomp them at 1500 for my blog, and typically at 2048 if I’m stomping an image to upload to Facebook. :)

BlogStomp is also FANTASTIC because it reduces the size of your image, so it loads faster on websites/your blog/etc! There are additional settings in it that allows you to control how much it condenses your image quality & size (the lower the size, the faster it loads).

I highly recommend checking out BlogStomp if you’re starting to blog and having these same problems! It’s a flat fee of $49 and one of the best fifty dollars you’ll ever spend.


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