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For Photographers: Wedding Day Gear Checklist

September 16, 2016

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I am a checklist person. I have checklists on my computer, on my phone, written down… everywhere. So it’s no surprise that I’ve had a wedding day gear checklist from day one! I actually have a mini one for the “night before” a wedding, and one for the day of.

This list is totally free for you to use for yourself! Feel free to copy and modify it for your needs- just don’t claim it as your own, please!

Here’s the running list:

Day Before a Wedding

  • Charge camera batteries
  • Format SD cards
  • Lay out wedding day outfit
  • Print off two timelines and family formals lists
  • Review the couple’s questionnaire
  • Text the bride + second shooter (about how excited you are + any last minute details)
  • Make sure I have each of my bags- roller bag, details bag, and emergency kit + any extra items that don’t go in bags
  • Quick check to make sure all my gear is there

Day of wedding:

  • 6 camera lenses
  • 2 camera bodies
  • Business cards
  • Formatted SD cards
  • 4 charged batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 3 flashes with new batteries
  • 2 flash brackets
  • Plenty of extra AA batteries for flashes
  • Phone charger with car outlet
  • Timeline & family formals list (for me and second shooter)
  • Plastic rain covers for cameras + clear tarp
  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Hard drive (for second shooter)
  • Holdfast camera strap
  • Payment for second shooter
  • Details bag
  • Emergency bag
  • Light stand
  • Umbrella
  • Rain boots
  • Extra water
  • My Bible
  • GPS (if the wedding isn’t in the city)
  • Poster board (for wedding details)
  • Watch
  • Sync capture times on both cameras

I believe it is SO important to at least have a list and look it over before every wedding! Every time I’ve failed to do this, I forget at least one thing (most commonly my lightstand for my flash). So even if you don’t want to use mine, I highly encourage you to create one for yourself!!


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