A 9 week minimind for entrepreneurs looking to step into being an educator with passive income (digital products, online courses, & more) to add an additional income stream in their existing business!

Now accepting applications for the January 5 - March 7, 2024 cohort!

Passive Income

By Stephanie Kase

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Learn how to create your first (or next) educational digital product or online course, launch it successfully, and implement systems to make it profitable for years to come

Do you have a desire to teach others things you have learned?

5 hot seat calls, group Slack chat, weekly document reviews: The floor is open for you to bring YOUR burning questions to the table on being an educator & creating passive income

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Gain the confidence to take your skills & turn it into education

Validate your ideas & learn profitable launch strategies

Create & launch a digital product or online course

Have a heart to serve & teach others the things you have learned, in business or within a certain niche

Have a digital product or online course idea in mind you want help creating & launching it into the world, OR have digital products already you need help seeing sales from

Have a community (even if it's small) that asks you questions like, "How do you do that?!" (aka, people who would be EXCITED to learn from you, even if it's a handful to start with!) 

Are an action taker and have the time + capacity to implement during our 9 weeks together

Are eager to dive in and bring questions to the table (during hot seat calls and in our Slack group chat) that you want to learn about

Are excited to pour into the other members and get feedback from everyone with different perspectives

You're perfect for this program if you...

80k+ YouTube subscribers
500+ new monthly email leads

17k+ Instagram followers
4.8% average engagement rate

Multiple launches for digital products ranging from $5k (first launch) to $40k in one week!

24k+ email list subscribers
39.2% average open rate
3.75% average click rate

join the program and experience growth like this...

And the cumulation of this growth led to a FULLY booked schedule as as a photographer, a reputation as a trusted business educator, and a six-figure BUSINESS! It's possible for you, too!!

Tell me more ↓

I've heard where you're struggling

and I'm here to help

We're going to address:

✓ Nailing down your profitable idea for a digital product or course

✓ What it takes to become an educator

✓ Creating and setting up all the tech

✓ Pre-launch & launch strategies that actually convert

✓ Sustainable long-term marketing strategies for your offer

✓ Growing your community & leveraging your current audience, without paid ads

Here's what the Passive Income Minimind is all about.

And guess what: This program will take place entirely online. Location is not an issue! All classes and discussions will be held via Zoom. This is your chance to REALLY invest in your business education! 

...Okay, but why should i learn from stephanie?

Let me show you how I got here...

Here's what's included...

Weekly document reviews

Access to inbox to income

Hot seat calls x5

Get your sales pages, email campaigns, social media accounts, and more reviewed by Steph! You can get an in depth review on up to 1 document each week on what she would tweak for more results!

Upon acceptance, you will be enrolled in Stephanie's advanced email marketing course to hit the ground running day one. Inbox to Income is an advanced online course on how to grow and monetize your email list.

Each call, 2 members will be selected to be on the hot seat (bringing their questions or project to the table for group feedback). One call will be round robin style. Exact call dates & times determined as a group!

Online Slack community

At the beginning of the minimind, members will be added to a group slack channel. The space is yours to ask any question and get feedback, from Stephanie & other minimind members - Steph will personally respond within 2 business days.

Hey, I'm Stephanie!! I am an online business educator and content creator with 8+ years of experience.

After joining & participating in my first mastermind back in 2020, I launched my very first online course in less than 2 months and generated nearly $5k in revenue in week 1 - making nearly all of my mastermind investment back in one week! At the time, I had 5.5k Instagram followers, 3k email subscribers, and 2.8k YouTube subscribers. I realized the power of an engaged audience, no matter how small! I went on to launch more digital products a few months later that generated $7k in one week, and from there I was hooked and knew it was the future of my business.

Nowadays as an online educator, digital products (like online courses, downloadable templates, ebooks, and affiliate marketing) are what make up most of the multiple 6-figures of revenue my business generates yearly - and I’m BEYOND excited to pull back the curtain and walk a select group of business owners through adding new passive income streams into their business!!! 

Ready to create a passive income plan that works to step into being an educator yourself? I'm SO ready to be your guide!! I can't wait to see you inside the Passive Income Minimind!

My business story: Why I LOVE teaching about passive income

This has hands down been the greatest investment I have ever made in my business! If I hadn’t joined, I would not have launched my first Masterclass, my digital product suite of 15+ resources, OR my first group coaching program! It blows my mind how much I have accomplished during our time together. I feel 1,000 steps ahead and more confident in showing up as an educator in my industry. Stephanie opened my eyes on marketing strategies and reaching my audience in ways I had never thought of before. Since joining this minimind, I have consistently grown my email list and Instagram with ideal clients and students which was a HUGE goal I had before joining. Stephanie never left any question unanswered or details left unexplained. I am so thankful for Stephanie’s complete transparency and being an “open book” for her minimind students so we can truly see the ins and outs on scaling our business with digital products and stepping into the world of “passive income”! I owe so much of my success to this minimind, and I will be forever grateful to have experienced this type of business transformation with this incredible group of business owners!

- Caroline Bryant, previous Minimind student

"It blows my mind how much I have accomplished during our time together. I feel 1,000 steps ahead and more confident in showing up as an educator in my industry."

I hired Stephanie for a power hour call to pick her brain about social media marketing and content creation. In an industry that I feel like thrives on secrecy and business owners not always sharing their knowledge for the good of the industry, Stephanie is a rare find. It’s hard to exactly articulate exactly what makes Stephanie so good. It’s not just her technical prowess or knowledge of business building strategy—of which she has an abundance—it’s her desire to see others succeed and be an open book to help them on their journey. It’s her enthusiasm in cheering you on too!"

- Daniel Moyer, past coaching client

"Oh…my…word - Stephanie Kase is pure enthusiasm wrapped up in a little package bursting with knowledge and know-how! 

Find an entire community of fellow business owners, just like you!


Get one-on-one feedback on critical documents and sales messaging from Stephanie herself


Gain access to Stephanie's help on how to scale your business with passive income


Imagine if you could...

Gain business confidence and passive income knowledge like you've never had before


Create digital products you're proud of and that actually bring in revenue


let's do it! ↓



4 monthly payments of

payment plan



1 payment of

pay in full

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January 5 - March 7, 2024

From my first $5k launch on my first online course to now generating $40k+ in launches for digital products... the knowledge I gained on passive income & stepping into online education has been invaluable for YEARS in my business. 

I've been able to apply launch, email, and product creation strategies over and over again to see amazing results! 

I am committed to helping each of the 8 members who join ensure that their digital product idea is profitable, that they have confidence stepping into the online education space, where they want it to be and that they see results. This means answering every question, reviewing weekly documents you want reviewed, and showing up for you in the calls and group Slack channel to ensure you're getting the help you deserve. 


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Why the Passive Income Minimind?

*Imagine the students you're going to impact*




*Gets excited and gives my dogs a big hug, for you*

I'm here for it,
apply now!

Small group with limited spots (only 8 students accepted)

Coaching that will provide confidence and clarity on passive income

Access to ask any question you have to Stephanie via Slack

Community of fellow business owners on Slack

Real results that will leave you profitable for years to come

✔️ You have a successful business, but want to add a passive stream of income through educational digital products 

✔️ You want to dive deep into sustainable launch & sales strategies that will work for your niche

✔️ You would thrive in an intensive group coaching program, taught over the course of 9 weeks

This mastermind is for you if...

✕ You are not ready to commit to your business and don't have the time to put in the work that's required to see results

✕ You don't have the desire to grow your audience to sell educational digital products or online courses

✕ You have figured out how to scale your business with digital products and feel there's nothing left to learn

This mastermind is not for you if...

Ready to step into education & scale your business with passive income?

This is the supportive group you've been searching for.


+ 5 hot seat calls

+ Weekly Document Reviews with personalized feedback from Stephanie

+ Private Group Slack Channel

+ Free Access to Inbox to Income 

+ Early Bird Bonus: Free Access to Webinars that Sell (ends Nov 10th)

Pay in Full
1 payment of $3,900


+ 5 hot seat calls

+ Weekly Document Reviews with personalized feedback from Stephanie

+ Private Group Slack Channel

+ Free Access to Inbox to Income 

+ Early Bird Bonus: Free Access to Webinars that Sell (ends Nov 10th)

Payment Plan
4 payments of $975

Only 8 spots available, on a first come, first serve basis, by application only. Minimind takes place from January 5 - Mach 7, 2024.

Only 8 spots available, on a first come, first serve basis, by application only. Minimind takes place from January 5 - Mach 7, 2024.

03. Members receive the bulk of Stephanie's time, energy and attention

02. It requires a little sacrifice.

01. It's not for everyone

WHOA, that's a lot of money.

We are screening these applications thoroughly to ensure members of this program are highly serious about their business, and a readiness to invest financially reflects the level of dedication we are looking for.

This program will require a lot of time and attention from both of us! In my own experience, bigger investments lead to bigger results - and that's what I'm promising you here.

It's true! This program has been a dream of mine, and I plan to provide the utmost level of care and attention to the people who trust me with the future of their business.

You had me at #1, apply now!

Yes, it's an investment.

Here's why!

Real wins from my students...

This could be you,
apply now!

I'm still not sure this program is a good fit and I have more questions...

If you're still hesitant and not sure this program is a good fit for you, EMAIL US at [email protected]! Seriously, our inbox is open to you and ANY questions or hesitations you might have. We are here for you and truly want to make sure this mastermind is the perfect fit for you right now! We truly won't let you invest if we feel it's not the right fit.  

What are the requirements to apply?

In order to apply, you need to have already started your own brand or business & have a foundational understanding of running a successful business. Ideally, you would have been attempting to market your business on a few platforms already, but feel that you need guidance before really diving into adding this new stream of income. We will focus on engaging your current audience as well as targeting a new audience, and ultimately, converting that attention on social media into passive income real sales. 

How do you determine who will be accepted?

We are accepting those who have started their businesses, have already seen success in their existing streams of income, and are looking to grow to the next level by being an educator! Typically this is those who are service based wanting to add passive income with educational products. If you're desiring to create online education to add passive income, you're in the right place (and that's where you can expect your peers to be, too!) 

Do I *really* get access to ask Stephanie questions?

YES! You can send her any messages, documents you want reviewed, questions you want answered... you can ask ANYTHING you want and have unlimited access via Slack! Seriously, Stephanie is putting this as a huge priority for 9 weeks and will be there to help you in any way you need. You can ask about anything related to creating and launching digital products, scaling your business with passive income, email marketing, hosting live webinars, growing your business or brand, and more... no questions is too silly!

How will the minimind work?

Applications will open to our waitlist on November 6th, and to the general public on November 7th. After reviewing applications, 8 spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Upon being accepted, dates for hot seat calls will be decided as a group. Over the course of the 9 week minimind, we will participate as a group in hot-seat discussions, idea pitches & feedback, and general support and encouragement via Slack & live hot seat calls. The ultimate goal is for you to step into being an educator, create your first (or next) digital product, and learn strategies to set your business up to make sales on autopilot.

Is there a payment plan option?

Absolutely! You can either pay the $3,900 in full upfront, or put $975 down upon acceptance with 3 following payments of $975/month payment plan. 

Common Qs and As:

Still on the fence?

Alright, I'm ready. Take me to the application!