Stephanie is an online educator, YouTuber, and content creator. Her communities on Instagram and Tik Tok are spaces where she focuses on personally connecting with her audience. She frequently shares lifestyle content across her channels, including motherhood, her twin babies, entrepreneurship, faith, her Sheepadoodle dogs, and marriage. Through these things, she's cultivated a place that brings joy into other's lives and encourages them daily! Her YouTube channel is focused primarily on providing business education to other entrepreneurs.

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93.8% are women      64.3% are from the U.S.      44% are 25-34 y/o

89.7% are female
78.8% are from the U.S.
52.8% are 25-34 y/o

97.9% are female
 78% are from the U.S.

71.8% are female
 36% are from the U.S.

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97.9% are female      78% are from the U.S.

TIK TOK demographics

71.8% are female      36% are from the U.S.

YOUTUBE demographics

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