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Behind the Scenes of Bridal Party Posing

May 26, 2020

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Do you struggle with bridal party posing? Have you ever wondered how to get them done FAST while still providing a ton of variety? 

On my YouTube channel, I shared a video from a REAL WEDDING. It’s a behind the scenes look of me photographing a bridal party! You get to see my exact workflow for photographing the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and full bridal party, step by step. 


I know this part of the day can be overwhelming, but by watching me in action, you’ll get to see how I am kindly commanding authority during bridal party posing. I aim for a way that is gentle but clear in what I want them to do. Personally, I make it a HUGE goal during bridal party photos to make it as EASY as possible on them. I want them to know exactly what to do and what I am asking for, as well as get them done as quickly as I can… because especially when there’s no first look, I want to get them to cocktail hour as quickly as possible! And we know they want to get there, too! 

I have had such AMAZING feedback from this video and how helpful it is for you all! If you want me to do more videos like this, definitely let me know! 

And now tell me: What was your favorite part from this video? Comment down below!

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